3 Must-Reads This Summer

While we’re all struggling to make it through exam season in hopes of getting to a stress-free summer, thinking about the fun to come can make things a little easier. Whether you’re planning to spend your summer days working, lounging at the beach, or mixing it up between work and leisure, having a go-to summer reading list is never a bad idea. Below are a few books that would make a great addition to any day spent sitting in the shade with a lemonade in hand.

1.     The Great Gatsby

This classic work by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the perfect summer read; set in the prohibition era it recalls a hot summer filled with love, parties, and of course Jay Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is one of my all-time favourite books for its idealistic take on a love triangle, portrayed so beautifully in a simpler time. Even if you’ve already forced your way through this novel for a high school English class, it is well worth revisiting this summer.

2.     Confessions of a Sociopath

This narrative is a firsthand account of a diagnosed sociopath, going by the pseudonym ‘M.E Thomas’. ‘Thomas’ describes herself as high-functioning, working as a law professor in an academic circle oblivious to her diagnosed condition. Confessions of a Sociopath is a highly intriguing work that will have you tuning out the world for hours at a time; learning about the inner workings and motivations of her mind and gaining a better understanding of the condition itself are both added bonuses that come with this enthralling storyline.

3.     1984

Another classic that many people have been forced to read at some point throughout their schooling is George Orwell’s 1984. Unlike this majority, I happened upon this book for the first time last summer and fell in love with the work. This dystopian novel published in 1949 is an engrossing story about a society where the greater powers are monitoring the population at large and ensuring they do not stray from the group. The theme of this work is becoming incredibly relevant in our current era of technological surveillance, but in addition to making readers question the powers in control around them it is also a very entertaining plot line to follow.  

Summer can be a great time for rest and relaxation, away from assignments and tests. Despite this, it might be a good idea to keep your brain functioning in some form throughout the four months away from the classroom; a summer reading list is a great way to incorporate both. Whether you look to read for learning, enjoyment, or a mix of the two, there are endless possibilities if you’re looking to pick up a book this summer break.