15 Beauty Products to Keep You Feeling Fresh

With winter fast approaching it can be hard to keep your skin and yourself feeling perfect. Below is a list of beauty products I swear by to stay looking and feeling my best even through the harsh winter months!



Neutrogena Face Cream - Shoppers Drug Mart

I’ve done some shopping around for face creams for my oily skin. In the past, I felt like my face cream only contributed to the oil on my face. Then I found this Neutrogena product, and I love it. It’s so lightweight you forget you’re wearing it! It reduces shine, it moisturizes, and (like Charity Pot) a little bit goes a long way! This stuff is also on the pricier side, but it’s worth the money.

Morphe Eyeshadow Palette - Showcase

I wasn’t sure about this one, because buying eyeshadow from an indie brand can be risky. I loved the colours, but I was worried about the pigmentation. However, I was thrilled to use it and find out this palette has long-lasting, crazy good pigmentation! This is the best eyeshadow palette I’ve bought.

Lancome Eyeliner - Hudson’s Bay

I don’t often wear a full glam-face of makeup, but when I do, this is my go-to eyeliner. Again, this product is pricey, but it it lasts a while. I use this liner in black and it has a rich, long-lasting colour. It has bendable wand to get a better grip for those weird eye liner angles!

Vaseline Lip Butter - Shoppers Drug Mart

I have this product in Cocoa Butter flavour. It’s super hydrating and you only need to use a little bit! I used to use EOS lip balm but I became allergic to it; my lips dried and cracked at the edges. I switched to Vaseline lip butter and it completely mended my sore lips! This stuff is magic.

Bare Minerals BB Cream - Sephora

I don’t like the heavy coverage of foundation. I usually only wear bb cream when I do my makeup  I’ve shopped around for the perfect BB cream too, and this is the best I’ve used. It has great, lightweight coverage and hides the oiliness of my skin.

Marc Jacobs French Tickler Lip Gloss - Sephora

Before Selena Gomez released her Fetish music video, she released an only audio version of a close up on her glossy lips singing. This is that lip gloss! It’s a gorgeous peachy gloss that smells and tastes like peppermint! Its moisturizing and perfect to slip on for any event!

Life brand face mask - Shoppers Drug Mart

These face masks can be found for any skin type and problem you want to target. They’re cheap and versatile. I’ll always trust these masks to renew my skin. Also, they’re usually on sale!

Sephora brand eyebrow pencil - Sephora

I’ve been using this pencil for years in Honey Blonde. It’s great for filling in, evening out, and shaping your brows. It also has a comb on the other end that helps with shaping. It’s a simple product that does the trick!

Clean and Clear Essentials face wash Step 1- Shoppers Drug Mart

I used to use proactiv, but I found that it was way too chemically and harsh on my skin. I switched to Clean and Clear and it works great. It’s a gentle formula that cleanses my face, washes away the oil, and feels fresh!



Charity Pot - Lush

This body butter is luxurious and smells amazing. It’s definitely on the pricier side, but a little bit really goes a long way making it totally worth it! I love using it on my legs after a fresh shave… it moisturizes and leaves them velvety smooth. It is important to note that the reason it is called ‘Charity Pot’ is because a portion of proceeds go to charity!

Life Brand Foot Scrub - Shoppers Drug Mart

These are super cheap and easy: all you do is rub the product on your feet to exfoliate them before rinsing. It takes off all the dead skin and leaves your feet feeling so soft! The scrub has mint in it so it’s soothing for your feet and pleasant to smell. (Added bonus: your hands feel brand new after rubbing it on your feet!)

Luminous Oils Body wash- Shoppers

I absolutely love this body wash. It smells like heaven and it leaves your skin feeling silky… better yet, it doesn’t dry out your skin! I have sensitive skin and I found that Bath and Body Works body washes only irritated it, but the formula for this body wash doesn’t!

St. Ives Exfoliant - Shoppers Drug Mart

This might be a face wash, but my life hack is to use it as an exfoliator on my legs. I use it before and after I shave and it gives me baby-soft skin. (It feels even better to use Charity Pot on them after!)

Aveeno lotion - Shoppers Drug Mart

I’ve been using this body lotion for years and it’s perfect for keeping your skin healthy and glowing. I also use it on my feet after a foot scrub to keep them feeling brand new!



    You can use all the beauty products you want, but the number one way to keep your skin looking its best is to guzzle that water! Turns out our moms were right!