Working While in College


We all need some extra change in our pockets, but keeping up with classes while working can be challenging. Here are three tips to help balance the two.

1. Talk to your boss.

Let your lead or manager know that you are in college. Let them know what your course load is like so they can understand when last minute study groups form or an extra credit assignment will cause you to be late to a shift. Keep them updated through the semester.

2. Plan ahead.

Photo by Hey Beauti Magazine on Unsplash

A planner is a great help! Write down your due dates, test dates, paper submission dates, etc. If you need to take the night before a test to do some review, request a morning shift. If it is a midterm or final, request off to relieve stress. Make sure you follow the guidelines of your job when requesting shifts and do it way in advance!

3. Prioritize

Remember, class is your top priority. There are many jobs that are suitable for college students because of schedule flexibility. Schools come first and work along with your social life wil fall in line afterwards.