What is Love?

Love…. What is love? Is it the way you gaze into each other’s eyes? Is it the way you finish each other’s sentence? Where does love start and how do you learn to love? Am I loving the right or wrong way? Am I loving too hard? What happens if I express that I do love you?……All of these questions at least 10 out of 20 people have thought of at some point in time and you know what nobody has the answer for it yet… or do they? Love is what you make of it but it starts with you.

You have to love you in order to let someone else love you. One thing I am extremely horrible at is loving myself and I have no answer on why I don’t. It’s okay to the people out there who felt the same thing but was too scared to admit it. It is easy to collect attention and get compliments but what is that a cover up for? Love has it’s ups and downs but one thing I can say is, it is never too late to love. I’m on a journey to finding love for myself. For me, I will date someone, they will do me wrong, and I have to go find my confidence I lost in the next person's compliments and I know I’m not alone in this. Everything I’m saying someone else has felt to a certain point. Why can’t you find that confidence in yourself…

Is it because you loved and got hurt or is it because you saw someone else who was in “love” and was treated horribly. Well, I can tell you I was hurt time and time again to the point the confidence I have is at about a solid 19% and I bet a lot of you that know me would have never guessed that. I know you have to wonder why that is. Well as a child, love to me was Aladdin or Sleeping Beauty where it was the perfect fairy tale, and because I live in a fantasy world sometimes it is hard to go from reality to fake. Everybody wanted that prince or princess and they would have that secret kingdom and Love….. Once again that word is thrown into the mix.

Since I’ve gotten older I am still learning until this day everything isn’t flying carpets and singing birds. Love is hard and it takes a lot more than a “bibbidi bobbodi boo” or a genie granting me my wish. Love for me is the hard times that you get through and become stronger from. Love to me is the times you are sick and the other person is by your side rubbing your upset tummy or when you have that job interview and they set reminders just to wish you luck and to let you know you got it. Love is when you got food for yourself but the person you are with is hungry and instead of letting them be hungry you share the little food you had. Love for me is a lot more then what a movie portrays. Love is also knowing when to walk away because you are toxic.

I know a few of you are wondering how is love walking away. Sometimes if you truly love someone you have to let them go and let them grow and will it hurt, yes it will but you know what that is the unspoken things you learn once you find love. Love isn’t one thing and can’t be placed in your Webster dictionary. Love is the actions and emotions you can’t explain. Love can be beautiful, it can be happy, it can be fun and funny, but it can also be heartbreaking. That’s love and a chance you will have to take. Sometimes goodbye isn’t a goodbye it’s a later because it may not be your time. If that is the case instead of hopping to the next compliment waiting for you, go back to loving you and when it is time again love will be there to hand you such a complicated gift. So I ask you what is love for you? Will it be hard? Yes, it will. but will it be worth it? yes it will be. It is better to feel the beautiful feeling than always having a fantasy that you see in the Disney movies. Remember love isn’t just about you or just them it is about you as a couple and for that, something that started as a simple seed will grow into a beautiful flower.