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Her Campus at UWG What is Love?

Love…. What is love? Is it the way you gaze into each other’s eyes? Is it the way you finish each other’s sentence? Where does love start...

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HCX Campus Cutie: Hannah Preece

This month, HCX had the opportunity to have a catch up with the not only beautiful, but ridiculously talented second year English and...

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Campus Cutie: Lauren Castle

This week’s HCX Campus Cutie is the lovely Lauren Castle , a first year English with Study in North America student. When she isn’t...

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HCX Campus Cutie: Hannah Britton

This week HCX caught up with none other than our resident blonde bombshell, Hannah Britton . When she isn’t training for her position in...

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Meet the Beautiful Megan Hicks!

She's beauty, she's grace. She's none other than the wonderful Megan Hicks! She's a lady that knows what she's after. A wonderful friend...

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Winter Scenery

A new semester and a new gorgeous shot from Alyssa Snyder!