Podcasts for the College Girlboss

Podcasts have officially reached their peak. Even though they've been around for years, they're just rising to the millennial scene. They are a lot of fun to listen to and not to mention, there are so many different categories to choose from, even in the girl boss category. So, wouldn't it be fitting to share a few podcasts for the college #Girlboss? Then, let's do it!


Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

1—She Means Business. This podcast is for all the gals out there who want to make a living off of doing something they love: that is entrepreneurship. Carrie Green, the host of this podcast, speaks on topics such as building your dream business and conditioning yourself for success. It's a good listen for any gal who means business.

2—Women Taking the Lead. In this podcast, Jodi Flynn interviews and gives advice on how to achieve a role in leadership. She gives simple advice such as networking tips and how to stop believing the lies others tell you. This podcast is for anyone who wants to be successful in their career, which I'm guessing is everyone!

3—Making the Entrepreneur. Calling all my entrepreneurs, again... In this podcast, host Jess Catorc touches on marketing and social media strategies that will help you boost your brand and help your business succeed.

4—My Big Idea (by Asos.com). In this creative podcast, female business owners are interviewed as they tell their story of how they started their business. Interviewees talk about their businesses, which include things such as "how to start a music magazine" and "how to set up a digital fashion label." So, all you creatives out there who are a bit unsure of whether or not to go for your dreams, this one's for you.


Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Do you listen to any #GIRLBOSS podcasts? Let us know which ones are your faves in the comments below!