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New Year’s Resolution

It is the beginning of a new year! How exciting right?! Now, since 2019 is beginning we need to make some goals to accomplish by December. I’ll list out three of mine, one to complete weekly, monthly, and yearly.

1. Rest

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I chose to rest each week because my life is hectic. I work 29 hours average and am registered for five classes. This leaves little time for rest after extracurriculars each day. Therefore, I would like to intentionally rest and say no more often. (for my own sake at least)

2. Budget

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Monthly, I would like to try and keep track of my spending for only my own knowledge and practice. This is a habit I believe would be helpful to keep track of multiple bills and payments.

3. Finish Undergraduate School

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At the end of 2019, I will have my bachelors degree. I am so excited to finish up undergrad and hopefully begin graduate school in the Spring.

I am a senior at the University of West Georgia studying Mass Communications concentrating on Digital Media and Telecommunications. My minor is in English literature. I hope to become a content creator once I graduate this December!
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