The Gift of Nature

Spring semester calls for tons of new classes, activities and new years resolutions but there is something that also comes alongside your new 2018 self. Can you guess what that could be? It's something that we look to when we need to take a breather or just want to get away; nature is the answer. That's right! I said nature. We do not always take time to enjoy it because we are always “too busy” or “have homework”, you name it we make excuses about it but did you know that nature can change the way you see your everyday life?

I recently went on a spontaneous trip to the mountains with my younger sister and best friend, and when I say spontaneous we dropped everything school related and said we will see you in three days! We decided to go and enjoy what the earth has to offer and take some needed time away from the books. I am sure you all can agree that even though it is the very beginning of the semester, stress is building and we have already been given our first quizzes, tests or essays that are super overwhelming to our well-beings. As we drove on windy roads to my best friends family cabin, we could only think of how much better it would be to just feel free even if it was for a short time.

As soon as we got to the cabin we were laughing about almost tumbling down the long driveway covered with snow (this year we got lucky with snow in Georgia that NEVER happens), and immediately cuddled up near the fireplace. We decided to stay inside and enjoy a movie for the first night. There is nothing like indulging in a nice film to get your mind off of anxieties, am I right?

But the next day was my absolute favorite. We drank our morning coffee on the deck of the cabin and enjoyed looking out off into the horizon as the sun had just risen. This allowed us to see how tucked away from society we really were! We knew we had to take absolute advantage of being there so we decided to go hiking which was probably the most liberating feeling ever. We hiked to a local waterfall enduring some icy terrain and a little wind but by the time we got to the waterfall itself I could not help but stand in awe by its splendor.

Nature is beauty whatever way we look at it and I cannot even explain how blessed I felt to be taking it all in with my little sis and bestie. It was beyond fun to share humorous tales and fresh ideas during the whole trip. It allowed for us to bond with one another even more. And as Christians we felt so in touch with he Lord because we were relishing on everything He made for us to enjoy.

Whatever you believe I have a list of some things you can do to get away from the norm and challenge yourself and use nature to make your senses come alive:

1. Put down your phone and get outside- Maybe you are an athlete or a yogi; take advantage of the environment to refine your craft

2. Try to enjoy what you are surrounded with- So if it snows get a group of your best buds together and start a shameless college snowball fight (trust me they are the best), or if you live around tons of walking/running trails go for the scenic route to class one day.

3. Do not be afraid to take a trip out of town for the weekend trips away are some of the best for the soul. Grab your bestie or boo and just flip a coin on where you’d like to go...maybe the beach, mountains, etc.

4. For those of you who are constant workaholics, take a longer driving route home from work and blast your favorite songs that make you feel one with nature. You are welcome in advance!

Whatever you do, take time to enjoy the little things in life. Nature changes so frequently and maybe you should let it change you for the better sometime soon!