Being a Transfer Student

When I was a senior in high school, I knew that my next step would be to attend college. My plan for college was to get a bachelor's degree within four years at Kennesaw State University. I was concerned that if I did not graduate within four years and switch institutions, people would judge me. Their perception would be that I was not smart, skipped classes, too much work was involved and so many other problems that did not allow me to graduate within four years. My parents and I knew that those were not the reasons for me having an unsuccessful freshman experience but people outside my family would not know that.

Photo by Cooper Carry

While trying to figure out my next step to college, I attended Georgia Military College to finish up my basic courses. While at GMC, I was able to stay at home, work and hang out with my friends. During my spare time, I spoke with my parents often about my college career. I wanted to go back to Kennesaw State and finish what I started. I wanted to prove people wrong. Their advice was to get a fresh start at a campus that best fit my needs and personality. My parents comforted me by saying it is common for people to transfer. It's because you are going to a school for you and no one else.

Photo by the University of West Georgia

My best friend attended the University of West Georgia and I would visit her on campus. After a few visits, I knew that I wanted to attend this school. Once accepted, I became nervous but having my best friend to go to school with made the transition easier. Since attending UWG, I have gained independence. I am involved on campus, academically sound and making new friendships. Transferring schools was the best decision I have made as a young adult.