Top 4 Black Friday Deals!

Black Friday is coming up and everyone wants to get the good deals on everything from electronics to clothes to makeup. While big names like Target and Old Navy are usually the first places people want to go to, you’re better off going to the stores shopping where the best deals are with less chaos. Here are my top four picks for my Black Friday shopping.

  1. Nordstrom - Starting Black Friday, everything that is currently reduced will be an additional 20% off. That means everything from clothes to shoes and handbags. Also, if there is something you find online that’s on sale now and would like to get it with the BF price, call your closest Nordstrom. Call them and ask if you can purchase the item as part of the presale option they use so you can buy your item now with the BF price and know you have your item.

  2. Ulta - Ulta’s BF guide has a whole bunch of high-end products that are literally going on sale for only $10 including face primers, lip products, etc. It’s better to order online because these prices are live on Thanksgiving at 8pm.

  3. Express - If you don’t normally shop at Express, consider trying this store out on Friday. Express has really cute and good quality clothing that will also go for 50% off. Absolutely everything. I’d say you got nothing to lose, so take advantage of a great deal.

  4. Amazon - Save yourself the trouble of going to an actual electronics store and just order off Amazon. Ipads, Kindles, phones, and a variety of other things like Korean skincare are getting some sweet deals. So search for whatever you want and see what they have to offer.

Hope this gave you a good idea of where to go this holiday season. Treat yourself and others with some great gifts and have a happy holiday, everyone!