New Year, New Art

Hey everyone, it’s Sneha and I just starting drawing everyday again. I post all my drawings/paintings to my IG: @lilsunnadraws (shameless plug). Anyways, I wanted to talk about drawing everyday and why I think it’s important.

Drawing everyday is important because it challenges you to make time for your art improvement. Also because the only way to get better at drawing is by doing more of it. Although you might not improve at the same rate as others, keeping at it and drawing everyday will provide you with the practice you need to get to your goal. It doesn't matter whether you sketch for 30 minutes or 4 hours. All dedicated practice will will help you through your improvement in art.

Here are some tips to keeping up with your doodles:

  • Plan out the time want to draw everyday
  • Organize what you want to learn or practice for the day
  • Carry a sketchbook everywhere, you never know when inspiration will hit!

Hope this helps and good luck drawing!