My Favorite on-the-go Podcasts

This past year, since taking on new responsibilities and having a lot of time to myself during long car rides, tedious work hours, and more, podcasts have been my go to getaway for entertainment. I've found so many and each one has something unique to offer. I usually try to find ones that inspire me and give me multiple perspectives on topics important to me (Business, Health & Wellness, & Realness). Here are just a few of my favorites! 

1. Gals on the Go podcast- Probably my favorite! Just two college girls sharing their real experiences, having a conversation, & giving tips. Even though they live on the other side of the country, they are completely relatable. They share their productivity routines, traveling experiences, and are always looking to stay positive. I leave their podcast feeling uplifted and ready to be a girl boss. 

2. Manifest with Tori Sterling- This one's pretty new with only two episodes released, but I'm already hooked. Tori is a business owner and influencer who shares her life experiences relating to business, health, & fitness. She's not afraid to speak her mind and start up a conversation, which is what I love about her. She reminds me that it's okay to not have it all together all the time. 

3. How I built this with Guy Raz- One of the most informative podcast out there. Guy Raz interviews innovators, entrepeneurs, and idealists on how they started their successful businesses from the ground up. I completely support this podcast's mission to share their journey and take inspiration from each guests into my own entrepeneurial journey. 

4. What We Said- The hosts, Jaci, a content creator & influencer, and Chelsea, a health coach, share their viewpoint on important topics like business, health, and how to build a brand. On top of that, they are just typical 24-year old girls who share funny & embarassing moments. What I love about them is their efforts to engage with their audience and create the most authentic content! 

5. The Blissful Soul podcast- The host, Jasmine, is truly a blissful soul. Her soothing voice and words of affirmation are the perfect podcast to get me started on a positive note for the day. She shares self care tips on intiutive living and how to be the best version of yourself. She continues to inspire me and reminds me that everything in life begins with your mental health. 

I'm always on the look out for new podcasts, but for now these are my recommendations!