Getting Ready For Finals

I know finals are around the corner and as much as everyone loves to procrastinate, here are 5 tips on getting ready for finals.

  1. Start planning your studying early

Do you ever try to start studying but not know where to start? Figuring this out and planning the rest of your days before your final can be beneficial so you make sure you get everything down before the test. This especially helps when your finals are cumulative.

  1. Study a little bit everyday

Make sure to do a little bit everyday because you know you’re not gonna be able to just pull an all-nighterfor like 3 nights and know every subject on the test.

  1. Ask your professor what the exam will cover

Professors can’t put all the material you learned on the final, so ask if certain topics will be focused on less or not included at all. By doing this many professors say possible questions that will be on your exam and the amount of points for them. Focus on these as they are almost always included and are guaranteed points if you study for them! Tip: Some professors do this throughout the quarter so maybe dedicate a page of notes to these questions they mention

  1. Eat healthy and sleep well

I know how difficult it is to do these things. Netflix is calling you and so is Domino’s, and it can be really hard to say no. But staying healthy will help you keep your brain in optimal learning condition for finals!

  1. Don’t stress

I know college is intimidating and this test might feel like it’s got your whole life riding on it; but don’t worry too much. After you take your exam there’s nothing you can do to change your grade, so even if you feel like you didn't do your best don’t beat yourself up about it. It will only stress you out. College is all about experiences, changing, and learning. Without at least a little failure none of those things are possible.