Club Spotlight: BWiSE 2017-2018

What is BWiSE?

BWiSE stands for Bothell Women in Science and Engineering. We are a women’s STEM club dedicated to empowering and providing opportunities to women in STEM fields.

What do we do?

Currently we’re looking into different project ideas. One would be providing workshops to middle schoolers focused on STEM fields to try to get kids more interested in STEM from a young age. Another idea we have is to hold workshops on campus building soft technical skills for everyone, focusing on promoting to women on campus.

How do you join?

We’ll be tabling at Night Fest! So join us February 15th 4 - 7PM in the ARC to learn more and join our mailing list. Other than that we are looking to have our first meeting a week after night fest, so stay updated on our social media!

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Or email us if you have any questions at [email protected]