Bullet Journaling: New Year, New Way to Plan

Hey guys, so I finally have kind of gotten the hang of bullet journaling. After trying a bunch in high school, and a little bit in my little journal, I decided to buy a real planner and some colorful pens so I could plan the new year.

Bullet journaling in it’s original form is not decorative, nor time consuming. It’s supposed to be the simplest way to plan your day. Modern day bujos are vamped up using themes for every month, decorative quotes, washi tapes, markers,  and pictures. Although unnecessary, it does create a great aesthetic.

If you’re bullet journaling for the first time I suggest you check out the original bujo video explaining the basic idea of it. ( https://youtu.be/GfRf43JTqY4 )

There are a bunch of different channels on YouTube that do their own version of bullet journaling. Some adding more art, other doing fun typography, or even just staying true to the original and keeping it minimalistic. I also suggest you watch this video on Pens and journals that you could use for your new bujo ( https://youtu.be/AwigddpFyM4 ) ( https://youtu.be/AUQeDV7EGf8 ) . It’ll definitely help you pick something in your price range as well as suit your needs.

So far what I’ve been doing is keeping a relatively simple theme with easy weekly spreads to just keep track of tasks. With the new year I want to add cooler spreads, especially with my increased involvement with Instagram, I want to set up some growth and habit trackers, study plans, and budgeting spreads.

My favorite YouTuber for bujos at the moment is AmandaRachLee. She is amazing with her fun but practical ideas and cute little doodles. I definitely recommend watching her student spreads and plan with me videos. She also has Sunday livestreams that you can join on her Instagram and plan with her (@amandarachlee)!

When it comes to bullet journaling don’t think too much about it. Personally it took me a few years to find out what I really like using versus what I don’t. If you’re just starting out, just do whatever you want with it. Just try it out and have fun. Happy journaling!