10 Unisex Gift Ideas For Your Friends!


Everyone uses and needs headphones at one point in their life, this is a good practical gift!

Portable charger

Is the person that you’re buying a gift for phone always dying? Then this is a really great gift for them, portable chargers aren't just helpful but there's a lot of different kinds so you it can appeal to them.


It is recommended to own a few different shoes and to get new ones every few years, shoes are very important, this is a good practical gift, everyone needs shoes.

Concert tickets or a musical

If the person you’re getting a gift for loves music or anything of the arts this is a really good gift, or even if they've never been to a concert or musical, the new experience could be really great.

A Plant

Some may think a plant is simple but a nice house plant can be very soothing to have for some and can clean the air from pollutants


A nice book with a good lesson or something new the person can learn is always good, knowledge is power and there is no greater gift than knowledge.

Workout clothes

No matter what your body type is, working out is in general a healthy thing to do and if they love to workout then this is a really good gift.


A good pair of pajamas really makes a difference between sleeping okay in a old shirt and sleeping in a nice pair of fuzzy warm PJ’s.

Aromatherapy products

There are all different types of aromatherapy products that help with stress, sleep, anxiety, and energy etc. This is a good gift for anyone.


A good watch is important because there are times where you can't look at your phone to see what time it is.