Why the New Grinch Movie Was Not Necessary

Ever since I was a little, I and my sister would love watching the 2000 version of The Grinch. It was funny, sarcastic, and heartwarming. As I got older, the better I was able to appreciate this amazing movie. Somehow, they were able to make a movie where young children and adults would enjoy watching. Plus it has Jim Carey in it so that helps.

Now, they made a new animated Grinch movie. In my opinion, this was the biggest waste of time in cinema. First of all, there already was an animated Grinch movie that was made before the 2000 version! So really, they made an animated version and realized that it needed an upgrade, and then made a live action version which was incredibly well received and loved by all, and then somewhere someone decided that it wasn't good enough and made another animated version. 

Now I haven't seen the new Grinch movie because I don't think it should exist, but I'm not saying it's a terrible movie. It's probably very cute and witty but that doesn't matter. They had so many opportunities to remake holiday movies that actually needed remaking. It's almost an insult to the Jim Carey version. Was it not good enough for you? Not funny enough? I just don't understand why they had to remake a movie that was already perfect. 

There. That's my holiday Christmas movie rant. Hope you enjoyed.