Stop Comparing Skinny Girls to Twigs

We are all aware of fat shaming and by this point, any decent person should know that it's wrong. We embrace woman of all shapes and sizes right? Not necessarily. Ask any skinny person and I bet they have heard this famous line multiple times in their life, "You're like a twig!" Now I ask you this, what part of a twig is flattering? It is not a shape that anyone desires to look like so why do people think that they are giving us a compliment? 

Being called a twig is no more a compliment than telling a curvy girl that she is a marshmallow. It's insulting and it doesn't help anyone's body image. I think that somewhere amidst the chaos of being cautious of how we talk about curvy girls, society forgot about the skinny girls. In Meghan Trainer's song "All About That Bass," she says "You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll.." How do you think that makes a young girl who is naturally thin feel? This is not body positivity. This is body shaming and it needs to stop. Believe it or not, thin girls have body image issues just as much as big girls do. 

We need to stop comparing thin women to stick and twigs and start complimenting their beauty instead. There is nothing wrong with being thin just like there is nothing wrong with being curvy. All shapes are beautiful and it's time we stop the shaming.