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Self-Care Might Be Your Best Medicine

Being sick sucks, we all know that. It throws a wrench in plans and honestly, who’s even motivated to get out of bed or off the couch? I’m not. I’d be content just binging Netflix all day, but life can’t stop for the common cold. Throughout my years and many times being sick, I’ve learned that pampering yourself and practicing self-care helps you feel better and your mood will definitely be lifted. While you may still feel like walking death, you’ll at least have somewhat of a smile on your face. I wanted to share things I’ve done that have helped me feel a million times better after a few days of sniffling and moaning in agony. 

Take a Shower or Bath

Taking a hot shower or bath definitely has the power to relieve some of the pressure you feel on your sinuses. Not to mention if you’ve struggled with a fever; that warm water on your skin is almost heavenly. Heck, it’s good even if you haven’t had a fever. You just wash all of the sick grime off and stop feeling so groggy and disgusting. 

Facemask or Face Wash

Spending a little time giving care to your face is nice, especially after it has sat untouched and unloved for however long you’ve had your cold.If your sense of smell opened up a little from your shower, you can smell the strong scent used in your face mask which might actually open up your sinuses for a little bit longer. Your face will thank you for doing this!

Change your PJs

Changing your pajamas or sick clothes that you have most likely worn for a few days is something undescribable. To think that something that simple can make you feel so good is amazing. 


Just sleep. Rest is something that will help get rid of your sickness as quick as medicine. Being able to nap while you’re cozy, clean, and maybe even being able to breathe is something that every sick person should take advantage of. 


I hope that some of these tips help you feel better so you’re able to get back on your feet. Trust me, self care could actually be better than medicine!

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