Making the Most of Your Days Off

As we get closer to graduation, many seniors get to experience the joy of not having classes on Fridays. For those lucky enough, this is a day free of the usual responsibilities. That begs the question, "What am I supposed to do with my day?" Here are our suggestions!

  1. 1. Get Your Sleep In, But Don't Go Overboard

    A four day class schedule packs in a lot of work, work that takes a lot out of you. Give yourself some time to sleep in and recover from the week. It's important to find a balance though; don't sleep the day away.

  2. 2. Make A Nice Big Breakfast

    If you want to accomplish a lot for the day, start off on the right foot with a big breakfast! During the top of the week you're crushing coffee and granola bars on the walk to class, but today it's a feast for a Queen <3

  3. 3. Clean Up Your Space

    Late night hours and study sessions don't gve you a lot of time to keep things tidy throughout the week. Reserve some time in the morning or afternoon on your free days to clean up. You'll be thanking yourself when you come back from study group on Monday nights with no energy and little patience.

  4. 4. Get Started on Homework

    The beauty of having days off is that your weekend is 50% longer! You have time to stretch out assignments and save the hassle of trying to submit at 11:59 on Sunday nights. Read through the syllabus, get your outline started, and name the file appropriately. A little bit now goes a long way!

  5. 5. Get Your Shopping Done

    Most grown ups are working, and everyone else is in class, so you can get your grocery shopping done in record timing! 

  6. 6. Start Celebrating Early

    Is there ever going to be a time in your life where you are this free? If you get a head start on your weekend responsibilities, that gives you so much time to cut back and relax! These are your glory days!

Having a consistent extra day off is a blessing. Knowing how to spend that time productively is a gift to yourself!