Local Student Wins Comment Section Debate; Makes Friends

Hoping to making the most out of her time in Quarantine, Public Relations student Juliet James has reportedly taken her studies into her own hands and started exploring the comment sections of various social platforms.

"I started with Instagram because it's more visual than the other mediums, and there usually aren't a lot of words to fight with people about. From there I want to Twitter and started following controversial hashtags. You've gotta be careful on Twitter because befriending Neo-Nazis is not a mistake you wanna make. From there YouTube comment sections are pretty active, and a lot of heated discussion usually brews from interpretations of vague lyrics. I can usually get people to come to my side in just under an hour. Reddit can a little tricky, for a lot of the same reasons as Twitter. On Facebook though is where it all comes together. The main stage to duke it out with a random person in front of your friends and family."

Juliet claims that her attempts to get people to blindly agree with her have been pretty successful, even as she's repeated her experiments across platforms on multiple sessions. "There has been this one girl Andrea who has been a little tough to crack. She's actually pretty cool when you wear her down."