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How to Survive the Mid-Semester Slump

Your alarm goes off in the morning, you get ready, eat some breakfast, and head out the door to your first class of the day. After class, you may have a meeting or two to attend, practice, or work. Afterwards, it’s finally time to do some homework and go to bed. Then your alarm goes off the next day, and you do it all again. And again. And then again. Suddenly your routine starts to feel too routine. If you feel like you’re just going through the motions, here are some tips to help you finish off the semester with inspiration and motivation.

1. Get in some relaxation time

Life can be pretty crazy for the typical collegiate, but don’t be afraid to take a break once in a while. Even the most Type A, workaholic college girl who seems to be part of every club on campus needs a break sometimes. If all you do is work, you’re going to burn yourself out eventually. Take an evening off to just relax (Just make sure you get all your homework done before), crawl into bed early, and watch a movie or read a book.

2. Change up your study spot

I know you have an emotional attachment to the table on the left side located on the third floor of the library positioned right next to the window, but maybe you two need a break. Making a small change in your environment can have a bigger impact than you think. New surroundings mean more inspiration, which could give you a new idea for your thesis for that huge midterm paper.

3. Plan a Get-It-Together Day once a week

It can be hard to stay productive and keep up with schoolwork, clubs, and chores during the week, so plan a day to tie up all those loose ends. Use this day to complete all those tasks that end up on your to do list, but never seem to get done. Those tasks that are easy to put off such as dishes, laundry, painting your nails, or picking up your room. When your space is better organized and those small tasks are completed, you’ll feel more refreshed for the rest of the week.

4. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself

You’ve had six cups of coffee to get through the day, but have you been drinking water? When you’re schedule gets busy, you might neglect taking care of yourself. Hit the gym, make sure you’re eating healthy, and throw on a face mask. When you feel your best, you’ll be more motivated to do your best.

5. Join a new club or go to a campus event

Halfway through the semester may not seem like the ideal time to join a new club, but it will definitely shake up your routine. The majority of student organizations are happy to take new members- no matter what time of the year it is. Send an email to that one club you thought was interesting, but never heard about until a few weeks into the semester. It’s a great way to connect with a different group of people and it’s always fun to pick up a new hobby.

6. Get off campus for a while

It’s easy to get stuck in the college world. Find some fun events happening in your college town’s community and plan a fun day with friends. Find some cool hiking trails, try a new restaurant, or just drive around and explore for a while.

7. Find your motivation

It’s time to break out those inspirational quotes! Hang some on your wall, set one as the background of your phone, or write them in your planner. Watch that documentary on Netflix that makes you want to change your life around. A little mid-semester motivation will help you get through the last few months.

It’s nice to be in a routine, but sometimes it gets a little boring. Don’t be afraid to shake things up and get out of your schedule for a while. 

Kendra Lamer

UW Stout '19

Kendra Lamer is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at UW-Stout. She is a professional communication and emerging media major with a concentration in applied journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. When she's not doing school work or writing for Her Campus, you can find her dancing at the studio, going for a run, drinking coffee or decorating for holidays way too early. After graduating, she plans on pursuing a career in public relations or journalism and adopting lots of dogs.
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