How to Love Yourself

Everywhere we look we see magazines with titles like “How to Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days” and photoshopped images of models. It’s become society’s norm to body shame and watch the Kardashians bash each other repeatedly. Where are the articles about loving yourself? Where are the TV shows that explain how to love everything about yourself including the flaws? There are more teenage girls starving themselves than worrying about getting good grades in school to create a successful future for themselves. Many people even forget ways in which they can love themselves. These five easy ways can help you get on track to living a life full of love for yourself and everyone around you.

1. Think Positively and Avoid Perfectionism. Don’t Call Yourself Names or Assume the Worst.

It’s so easy for everyone to say: “Think positive or happy thoughts” but when something goes wrong, that’s probably not your first thought. Don’t push yourself too hard. You can do it, you will do it, and you will be great. We are always our own biggest critics but we can also be our biggest supporters.

2. Celebrate and Reward Yourself.

It’s important to take the time to reward and celebrate the good work you did. Creating challenging yet rewarding goals are important to boost confidence and create a lifestyle that you can be proud of.

3. Try Practicing Loving-Kindness Meditation and List Positive Attributes and Reflect on them Daily.

By taking a few minutes each day to write one, or many, positive attributes about yourself, you’ll see yourself change. It’s the kind of change that won’t be noticeable to most people but you’ll see it inside yourself. It will be the motivation and the fuel to keep you going and working hard each day. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box and be sure to include your flaws because we are all beautiful and we are all not perfect. Love yourself for who you are, not who you were or who you want to be.

4. Develop a Plan for Dealing with Setbacks or Negativity or Consider Visiting a Therapist.

Life is not a perfect fairytale world where there aren’t any conflicts and problems, so the best way to equip yourself to better handle those types of situations is to create a plan for them. What can you do during those stressful or hard times to make the situation better? Also, what can you think about to make the situation better? There are no right or wrong answers here so you must find what works for you whether it be to take a break for five minutes to just relax and unwind or seek out a therapist for further help. Find what works for you but never be afraid to ask for help.

5. Do Things that Make You Feel Good.

It’s no surprise that doing what you love makes you feel good. These are your strengths. By knowing your strengths and what you’re naturally good at is extremely important to know. Maybe you’ll find out that you have some hidden talents that you never even knew about. You can find some of these out through trying new things and exploring new places.

Avoid getting sucked into today’s social media that is filled with so much negativity and all the bullying of others but more importantly, ourselves. Fight the urge to think that you won’t get an A on that test or think you don’t look pretty enough because, in reality, you’re only hurting yourself. Be confident! Remaining positive all the time can be tough, but you were born to do great things and you will do great things. Love yourself for all you’re worth because you’re all worth it.