21 Important Things Only a Big Sister Can Teach You

Big sisters are extremely important. From personal experience, I can say I’ve learned an incredible amount over the years, and I give all the credit to my amazing big sister. Through all the times I blamed her for breaking something, or manipulating my way to getting what I want, she’s always been my shoulder to cry on or talk about things that my parents wouldn’t understand. While mom and dad know a lot, and they teach you a lot of what you’ll need to know in life, there are some things that only a big sister can teach you.

1. She taught you how to break the rules

Whatever your sister did was totally cool. If she broke the rules then you were cool, too.

2. How to be competitive

A little healthy competition never hurt, but sister competition is a whole new level. 

3. Copying each other was a sign of respect

It didn't matter if it was the same outfit or literally mocking and mimicking each other, copying meant you respected them and thought they were the sh*t.

4. How to teach you about puberty

Every girl who's been through puberty knows how sh*tty it can be. Having a sister ask questions and go through painful cramps together can be a blessing!

5. Taught you that privacy doesn’t really exist

Seriously, what's the point of doors and locks anyway? 

6. And steal everything of yours

Then you have to try to steal it all back.

7. How to get in trouble together

Y'all are full of bad ideas.

8. How to successfully get out of trouble together

You + Your Big Sister = Trouble


9. How to make family events/functions actually kind of fun

It's not a party until the big sister is home and the drinks are poppin'.

10. How to not be afraid of the older kids

Then all you ever heard from them was "oh you're ____'s little sister, right?"

11. How to be mature

Let's be honest, you guys will never grow up.

12. How to blame her for everything

You blamed her for everything. If something broke? Big sister did it obviously. 

13. How to gain confidence and sass

She never gave you confidence and sass, she just showed you your true potential. 

14. She teaches you to grow tough skin

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. 

15. And what tough love is

It's not meant to hurt you, its meant to help you and help you in the future. Suck it up buttercup.

16. She is the best therapist

She's your on-call, non-paid therapist that is there to save the day whenever you need her. 

17. There’s basically no such thing as secrets

You can never hide the truth, at least for very long. 

18. Basically, anything can be an adventure

It didn't have to be anywhere special, even trips to the grocery store were quite the adventure. 

19. And anything can be funny

Serious moments were a problem. 

20. Being separated hurts more than you can imagine

The whole "distance makes the heart grow fonder" is a lie when it comes to you and your big sis.

21. But being reunited is the best feeling in the world

A bond that can never be broken. 

Big sisters are beyond wise. They are your best friend, your therapist, and partner in crime. Share this with your big sisters to let them know how much they mean to you and everything they’ve taught you.