Why I Fight Against Cancer

Why I fight

Days like these are beautiful to me

Showing us the loving souls 

Fighting the same fight 

And being able to feel the love connecting each of our hearts 

Through the colorful ribbons of the cancer we fight 


As I stand here before you, 

I want to share my why

Why I fight for each of you 


I fight for the blue ribbon man 

The one who’s too sick from the chemotherapy

To see his grandson play his first tee ball game 


I fight for the pink ribbon woman

The one who stares in the mirror and questions her beauty

Even though she does not see the beauty beneath her scars 


I fight for the white ribbon man

The one who wants to laugh with his friends

But his lungs refuse to fill with the air of happiness around him

And leave him winded, gasping for breath 


I fight for the teal ribbon woman 

The one who dreams of being called Mom

But her ovaries are fighting to take her life

Instead of make one. 


I fight for the orange ribbon man

The one who wants to walk his daughter down the aisle

Towards the only other man who will love her

As much as he does 


I fight for the violet ribbon girl

The one who hold her hair in her hands and wonders how she’ll do her hair for prom

When she has none on her head 


I fight for the gold ribbon child

The one who finds the strength of no other and looks at Mom and dad saying,

I don’t wanna fight anymore


That is why I fight 

This is my why

This is why I’m here


Today is a day we celebrate the lives we fight for and the lives that have been ever changed by cancer 

Today we fight and walk with each other, using our strength to build up one another 

The fight doesn’t end when you finish the race, the race doesn’t end today. 


Each day is a new battle, another reach in the mountain high climb

That’s why I keep fighting, one mile at a time