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A lot of times, especially as a college student it seems that everyone is in some sort of relationship. Whether it’s the real deal or a sticky situationship, it often feels like everyone is coupling up, and if you aren’t finding your match, you often feel like you’re falling behind. These feelings are valid, but I’m here to tell you that even if everyone around you is falling in love, there’s a lot of happy things about being single too. 

FRIENDS. A main part of college is friendships. This is one of the only times in life where you’re surrounded totally by people all the same age as you, and you probably even live with your friends. This means that it’s important to have strong friendships. Sometimes, when you’re in a relationship it can be hard to maintain those friendships, and being single gives you a great opportunity to establish a group of friends and really build a foundation for those relationships. It’s also incredibly important to have good friends in college because these will become the people you talk to about everything. Friends become family. 

INVOLVEMENT. Even though it seems incredibly far away, life after college is simply not that far into the future. Thinking into the future a lot of students are incredibly focused on building up their resumes for future jobs. Something that’s incredibly important on a resume is involvement while also maintaining a high grade point average. Getting involved can be a great time commitment, and it’s really important to keep time available to dedicate. Having this extra time to commit can even allow you to join multiple clubs and discover your hidden passions or secrets. 

SELF. Not only are there so many opportunities like the ones listed above waiting for you in college, but it also is important for you to take time for yourself. I don’t mean self-care as in just doing a face mask or taking a bath one night, but more of an even longer-term form of self-care. It’s really important to implement a routine of self-care into your day or even week. Whether that be going to the gym or meditating, finding an activity that reduces stress and bringing it into your routine is incredibly important. 

I’m not trying to diminish those who are in a relationship, and if you are in one, it’s probably the right time for you to have a person. But for those who are single and have negative feelings about it, I’m here to tell you to stop. There are so many bright places in single life that I encourage you to discover. You have to show yourself love before you can give it to anyone else.

Hello! My name is Chloe Renzelmann and I am a freshman at UW-Lax. I will be majoring in Marketing and minoring in Spanish and Communications. When I'm not in class or writing, you can probably find me watching reality tv or working out!
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