Before Using Amazonian Açai Anti-Pollution Mask

This week I decided to try this new facial mask called, Amazonian Açai Anti-Pollution Mask by 7 Wonders Leaders Insolution. This is a mask in which the packaging states, “From 7 of the most exotic regions of the world, Leaders brings to you 7 formulations with unique ingredients to effectively restore and revitalize your skin.”


It’s a really easy thing to do. You just take the mask out of the package, place it on your face with the moist side in contact with your skin. You then peel the film back and shape the mask to your face. Then you leave the mask on for about 20 minutes. Then, after you take it off, it helps to pat the skin to absorb the ingredients more.

Here are some of my tips before you slap that mask on.


Wash your face before you put the mask on.

Washing your face will help absorb the ingredients that are supposed to help your skin. It loses a lot of the point if you do it with a full glam face on.

Do it before bed

I got the chance to use mine right before bed. It gave me a nice chance to unwind for the night and relax, and with that chill time before bed, I actually slept better throughout the night and woke up with a fresh face.


Lean back or lay down

The mask is a bit slimy, so you don’t want to be having to readjust the mask every 2 minutes. Lean back with some music, a book, or just with your phone in your bed.


Do it by yourself or with a friend

Use it as a relaxing tool for yourself or incorporate it into a girls’ night, masks are always a must for girls’ night in, but maybe don’t answer the door to the pizza guy when he comes, you may scare him off.

Try not to sneeze

It may fall off. This may or may not have happened to me.


Read packaging

Always read the instructions and the ingredients of whatever new product you’re trying for your own safety. You may react to something in the product, and you always want to know the proper use.


After Glow

After you take the mask off, follow the instructions and pat down your face with your fingertips. I found that taking some of the excess moisture and patting it on your neck just enhances the after-glow and makes you feel even more refreshed.


After using the Amazonian Açai Anti-Pollution I felt so refreshed and relaxed. It was a great way for me to unwind for the night and treat my skin in the process. I would highly recommend this product for your next “me time” or “girls night in.” I can’t wait to use it again!