‘Tis the Season: Perfect Dates for Cuffing Season

As the air gets cooler, the nights get darker, and the leaves start changing, fall is among us. Not only is it now apple picking and pumpkin picking season, it is cuffing season. Who is going to be the apple of your eye this year?


This is the time of the year where those who were happy all Summer being a free, independent single person, is now getting together during the fall and winter to see if the two of them are just going to be a casual fling or make it official.


Whether you and your newly cuffed S/O are super exclusive or not here are some cute, easy dates to make your cuffing season one to remember:


Netflix and Chill

What better way to avoid the cold than getting cozy with your crush inside the heat with the latest season of your favorite show? You guys can watch your favorite shows together or start a new season together. Grab some blankets and a t.v. and call it a night!


Movie Date

Skip the dorm or apartment beds and watch something on the big screen instead. He can hold your hand during the scary parts, and you can hold his hand while he is trying to steal your popcorn.


Apple Picking

Head on over to Eckert’s Apple Orchard and spend a fall day enjoying each others company while sipping on some hot apple side and picking some apples.


The Rotary Lights

Trade the apple cider for some hot chocolate, throw on your mittens, and go to Riverside Park to enjoy all the lights. Maybe you two will share a kiss or two under the mistletoe.


Homework and Chill?

Sometimes just being in each other's company is enough bonding. Kick out the textbooks and help each other learn those never ending vocabulary words. Sometimes having your crush there can be a great excuse to have a study break (they make a good distraction).


Best of luck for all of you UW-L girls during this years cuffing season. I hope this one is the best one yet!