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Rejuvenate your Day with these Smooth Products

Do finals have you stressed? Need some new products to try out? Look no further! This week my roommates and I tested out some products ranging from toothbrush sterilizers to face masks. These products were tested during our busy week of midterms, which makes our list just that much more reliable. The results we found: We would definitely use some of these products again. 



Secret cool-waterlily deodorant – This product surprised me, but I wouldn’t be too sure about it. I applied this deodorant in the morning, didn’t have vigorous activity during the day, but was surprised by the end of the day that it didn’t leave any residue on my armpits or clothes while still making my armpits smelling amazing without any sweat. Compared to the Secret outlast gel deodorant that I regularly use, I’m considering switching to this new deodorant. Overall: Perfect for an inactive college student. 


Steripod toothbrush cover – This was my favorite product, taking into account that I never use toothbrush covers. While most toothbrush covers are plastic and molds up easily, this one stays fresh with a sterilizer built into the cover, which makes your toothbrush smell and look clean. The steripod even comes with a handy clip, similar to that of a paper fastener, to take it on and off your toothbrush without a slimy mess on your hands. My toothbrush stayed clean, the cover stayed clean, and everything smelled fresh day after day. 10/10 would use again, despite the fact I’ve never gotten sick from my toothbrush touching other toothbrushes or being sprayed by any products in the air. Overall: Perfect for the clean-freak living with multiple roommates.


Freeman deep clearing manuka honey + tea tree oil clay mask & cleanser – This was my least favorite product, but the product did its job. The mask definitely smelled good, without it being overpowering, with it having a honey-tea aroma. I was not a fan of how much it hardened within the 10 minutes of being on my face, but once I took it off, my skin felt incredibly soft. The only other part that disappointed me was how it claimed it was for oily skin, but just made my face shinier. Compared to other masks I’ve used, this mask just didn’t seem to work as well on my face. Overall, the face mask is perfect for those looking for an average product to use, but not suggested for the picky college student. 


Freeman rejuvenating cucumber + pink salt clay mask – This product was tried out by one of my roommates who really enjoyed the mask. She described how the best part about the it was how cool the mask felt on her skin when applying the mask on her face. She, unlike myself, enjoyed how much the mask hardened despite the fact she used the whole sample on her face. Even though this was only the second face mask she has ever used, the mask was great and she would love to use it again. Overall: The mask is perfect for any college student looking to treat their face to a vacation.


7 Wonders Caribbean coconut calming mask – This was the least favorite product from my roommates. When applying the product, it was not only difficult to tell which of the two films goes on the face, but it was a too big for the average woman’s face. At first it was really exciting to apply the mask and smell the pleasant aroma, as she had never used a non-scrub mask before, but then she discovered that the cream from the mask kept causing the mask to slip off her face when just sitting around doing homework. The mask was to be applied for thirty minutes, so hoping that it would harden and stick to her face, it never stuck, which was disappointing. Overall, the mask is not the way to go for the average college student, but is definitely refreshing and smooths the face as a face mask should. 


Hopefully this article was useful in regards adding a few new products to your list of calming products to try out! Any other products you think my roommates and I should test out? Leave your feedback in the comments below.



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