Not Your Average CUP OF JOE Lax Coffee Shops

And just like that Summer has come to an end, but, as they say, “what often feels like the end is often the beginning.” Summer's end marks the beginning of a brand new school year. Here at UW-L we had to say goodbye to carefree nights and hello to sleepless ones. Logically the only thing that is going to be getting us through these days is coffee. Here are the best places to get coffee on and off campus!



Located right on our very own campus, Einsteins is by far the strongest caffeinated coffee place in La Crosse. Head on over to the Cartwright Center and get your cup of joe!



My personal favorite place to get coffee. I’m at the point where I need to tell my boss to just transfer my paychecks to them because that is where my money ends up going anyways. All the workers are super sweet there!



Located on Main Street right near the Crow, grounded is quick and easy. Check out this cute coffee shop.


The Root Note

Instantly whenever I walk into the Root Note I feel super “hipster” and “trendy” just by looking at the fashionable baristas there. Their crepes are to die for, but you need to wash down those with some delicious coffee.



There is nothing wrong with being a basic white girl ordering your Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Frappuccinos. Having a Starbucks located right in Centennial is dangerous to my bank account but necessary for my sanity. It makes the lectures a little more bearable.


Murphy’s Mug

What better way to finish all the homework you pushed off till the last minute than the library’s coffee stop, Murphy’s Mug? Grab a delicious muffin while you’re at it!


Cabin Coffee

This cute, little coffee shop makes getting coffee always an adventure. Next time you’re downtown, head over to Jay Street and give them a try!


Dunkin’ Donuts

What better way to start your morning off than with donuts and coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts? Although it is a little bit of a drive, the coffee is totally worth it.


Without coffee I don’t quite know how half of us girls here at La Crosse would function. Coffee is never a bad idea, especially at any of these places. Give them a shot!