Mr. Prez, Zay, Zay Dawg, Ike, Pookie, Zaytoven, or Isaiah Thomas?

Meet Isaiah Thomas, former track athlete, future Cardiothoracic Surgeon and one of the funniest people I know! I had the great pleasure of interviewing him and, well, he's pretty awesome! Check it out below!

Name: Isaiah Thomas

Year: Junior

Major: Sociology Pre-Med Track

Minor: Healthcare Administration coursework (program option)

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

PGPs: He/Him/His

J: Are you involved in anything on campus?

I: I am a building manager for Rec Sports where I am also a member of the Emergency Response Team with hopes of becoming the next Co-chair of the team. I am also in Awareness Through Performance where I get to be on stage and thrive. I, also, am a member of Black Student Unity!

J: What is your favorite thing about UW-La Crosse?

I: I guess if I was thinking back to my freshman year, I'd say how active and involved the campus is. In a sense, I feel at home, being that running is one of my true passions.

J: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

I: The best advice I've ever received is to always do what's best for me and not do things to impress others.

J: Do you play any sports?

I: No, but I'm a former track athlete – I ran 300m hurtles, 110m hurdles and the 4 by 4!

J: What is your dream job?

I: [laughs] There are so many things that I want to do. Number one: being a Cardiothoracic surgeon, but lately I've been thinking about being a Sociology professor. And maybe an astronaut.

J: If you could go out to lunch with any famous person who would it be and why?

I: Hm …. Please tell me you just didn’t type "Hm …"[rolls eyes]. If I were to go to lunch with a famous person it would have to be President Obama, because I think through all adversity he is still genuine as h***. It would be interesting to talk about how he navigated the different hurtles in his life and has reached the platform he has today.

J: What is your favorite thing to eat? Like you couldn’t live without it …

I: Pizza and anything with BBQ sauce on it, like macaronni. 

(It got real awkward after that question ...)

J: What’s your favorite childhood movie?

I: Pochahontas because she so fine; I'm just kidding. My favorite would have to be "Bug’s Life!"

J: What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?

I: Mint chocolate chip. I'm not even supposed to eat ice cream – it kills my stomach, but I will do it... I will do it for mint chocolate chip.

J: What has been the best part of Black History Month for you so far?

I: The best part about Black History Month so far is being around Black people and sharing stories of things that we all have overcome and seeing parallels to history, whether good or bad. And how we all continue to strive for our own individual ideas of success.

J: What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?

I: Um … (chews on his fry) When I got caught eating ants. I was maybe like six. I got caught at a birthday party eating ants; I mean I used to eat ants all the time, but when I got caught it was embarrassing. I used to call 'em lil chocolate covered raisins.

J: Ew Isaiah ... What are some of your pet peeves?

I: When people lie and lie some mo'; I know the truth... OR when, like... this is bad … when people fart .. and then don’t own up to the fart and try to blame it on other people. Like keep it real. You tooted.  I can’t lie about farting, because when I fart I laugh so y'all already know it was me. I have a lot, but those are the two main ones.

J: If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why?

I: I would be Frozone from "The Incredibles" 'cause he cool as h***.

J: If you had to pick a new name for yourself what would you choose?

I: Uncle Elroy, Poppa Pope or Baby Kanye.

J: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I: How old am I? 21 .. 21 plus 10 is 31 .. so at 31 years old I feel like I will be in Sydney, Australia working on Bondi Beach as a lifeguard, tanning my brown skin waiting to save a life. No but seriously, I can see myself married with a lil homie cooking in my partner... yeah ... [smiles].

Thank you for the interview, Isaiah! Make sure ya'll say wussup when you see him around!