Midterm Survival Guide

Somehow, we've already made it through half a semester. How does the time go so fast?? Middle semester means midterm exams, midterm papers, and probably, a mini panic attack or two. Here's some ideas for how to beat those midterm scaries.

Schedule time to study

And I mean schedule it! Write it in your planner, put it in your phone, tell your friends...whatever is going to help hold you accountable. If you're going to study, you really need to set aside time to do it!

Turn off your phone

Turning off your phone is a huge help when it comes to studying, or any kind of productivity really. Your phone is probably the most distracting thing at your disposal, so keep it quiet and far, far away from you when you're trying to study.

Take breaks

Don't commit to hours of straight studying...you're gonna hate it. Take a few breaks for snacks, a walk outside, a peek at your phone, a dance session...whatever it is that will help clear your mind. Your brain has been working hard and it deserves a little break. Stop, refresh, and don't forget to refocus.

Find a study buddy

Nothing like a little company and the honor system to keep you working. Enlist the company of a friend or classmate to hold each other accountable and stay motivated!

Make a reward system

Finished that chapter of your textbook? Created a study guide? Win a little break time, or maybe a snack. If you finish all the studying you wanted to do, treat yourself to your favorite coffee, or a cute new sweater. Nothing motivates like a little reward, and lets face it, after midterms you definitely deserve it.


Try to remember that life is so much more than studying and writing papers. Do your schoolwork, but always take care of you first.