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Make Your Plans for This Summer

We made it. We only have finals left and then it’s summer here at UW-La Crosse! Can you believe it? Time flies by so quickly, so it’s important to always make the most of things. I will be a senior come fall and you better believe I am going to try to make this summer memorable, no matter what I might be doing. A fun thing to do might be making a summer bucket list by writing down a list of things, trying to complete it all and documenting your trials with pictures in a scrapbook or on Instagram! Here are a few suggestions to add to your summer bucket list for 2016!

1.      Take a dip in Pewits Nest

2.      Go to a drive-in movie theater

3.    Have a bonfire on the beach

4.    Go skinny dipping

5.    Go a whole day without your cell phone

6.    Rock climb at Devils Lake

7.    Kayak Perrot State Park

8.    Try hot yoga

9.    Star gaze

10.    Enjoy our local farmers’ market

11.    Go to the Wisconsin State Fair

12.   Try a new hair style

13.    Run a marathon

14.    Go to a concert

15.    Visit and tour our breweries here in the state of Wisconsin!

 16.    Check out a music festival, or even just an outdoor concert

17.    Complete the Color Run

18.    Spend the night at a karaoke bar

19.    Gather up your friends and head to a waterpark for the day

20.    Take a “no destination” road trip

21.    Pay for the person’s food behind you

22.    Organize a bar crawl for your friends around town

23.    Stay out partying all night and watch the sunrise

24.    Complete a Pinterest DIY project 

25.    Jump in a pool fully clothed

26.    Spend a sunny afternoon laying in a hammock

27.    Kiss someone in the rain

28.    Go somewhere you’ve never been before

29.    Watch the sunset at the beach

30.    Grow your own food

31.    Run through the sprinklers like you did as a kid

Even though we all still need to push through our finals, keep your head up and ace those finals. Then, enjoy and live a carefree, memorable summer. Our college summers are some of the best times of our lives, and we need to make the best of this time until we have to work our summers away! 

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