Life is Like a TV Show

I saw a post on Instagram recently that said, “some days are just filler episodes.” It went on to talk about how better days are coming and not every day is as magical as we hope it would be.

I think this is important to remember. When you look back on life, we remember big moments, strung together from one to another, connected like dots. And when you analyze the entirety of one’s existence, those points that connect from one to another form one beautiful constellation called life.

I often mention that I need to remember the little things. This is very true. Because when we look to the past, it is the little memories of everyday, sometimes seemingly boring tasks, that serve as the string, connecting one “big thing” to another in our life’s constellation.

The post on Instagram made me think, quite literally, about episodes in my favorite television show (a few of my favorites being Friends and New Girl). When you think about the TV show itself, you first remember your favorite episodes. To you, those are the “big moments” that make the series special. Then there are the filler episodes, that, to you, are equally important, yet sometimes boring.

Life can be the same way. “Big moments/episodes” that are essential, special, and one of a kind, are strung together by “smaller moments/episodes” that are equally as important to the larger picture of the TV show/life.

So, if you’re stuck in a “filler episode” in life, stick it out, because that BIG episode is coming. In the end, you’ll appreciate the journey and all that you learned from it.