I Need To Relax, But How?

I need to relax but how?

If anyone asks this question on the daily, I feel you. I think I ask myself how to relax about 17 times a day, and fail most of the time. Lately, I have been trying a ton of different ways to relax to see what techniques work for me. Not all of these will work for you, but don’t avoid trying some out, because the strangest ones just might work! Here are some strategies I have tried, and I hope you’ll try them too.


Mandala Coloring

I have tried this one, and sometimes it relaxes me, and sometimes I think it’s just a lot of fun. There are coloring books full of various mandalas that you can color. I would recommend something like colored pencils or crayons, something that you don’t need to press really hard onto the paper, because you want your hand (and the rest of your body) to relax and not be tense.

Use an app

I absolutely love this one. I downloaded this app called, “Calm.” It has stories to listen to as you fall asleep, or calming noises to listen too as well. There are meditation tracks to listen to as well. I particularly love this one because I am one to have my mind start spinning right before I fall asleep, so giving myself something else to focus on helps me sleep better at night and gives me a better rest overall.

Blast music

Blasting music and having a little jam session can always relieve some tension. Sometimes you have to put on your favorite song and dance around in your underwear. It may sound cheesy but sometimes it definitely works.


Drink some hot tea

I have been getting more into tea drinking and I think that waking up a bit earlier than normal and drinking tea out of a cute little mug can really start your day off on a good foot. There’s just something about a good cup of tea.

Deep Breathing techniques

There are so many breathing techniques that you can use to relax, and you can search for all of these on the internet but there is on that I use often. The one that I use consists of deep and short breaths. Take 5 long deep breaths, going very slowly, then take 10 short breaths very quickly, and then alternate back to the long, slow breaths. Continue alternating until you are calm, or asleep sometimes in my case.



I know that this one may not be for everyone, but I find this one effective. Breaking a sweat and going for a run or weight lifting can take your mind off of stressful things. It has been a proven that it is a great stress relief, however it may not be for you, but definitely one to try.


These are a few of the techniques that I have used to relax, and some of them could work for you in variation. If you have trouble relaxing, trying different techniques will help you cope with your stress in a more positive way.