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Finals week is upon us, which might make some smile knowing that the semester is almost over and winter break is almost here, but for most of us it’s a time of stress and sleepless nights. Sounds like a great time, right? Maybe not, but before you know it the stress will be all over with and we’ll be making our way home to spend the Holidays with our families. Finals week may be a time of struggle and distress, but sometimes all we need is a little push and motivation to get us through the days. There are many things needed to have a successful finals week, or at least as successful as possible. If you’re lucky you might have some take-home or online finals, but for those of us that have in-class finals the stress and preparation that come with them can make for some sleepless, and possibly tearful, nights. But have no fear! Try to stay calm, and together we can get through the week! 

As for some studying tips, I will begin by telling you to turn your phone off and put on some classical music or some white noise. It’s hard to really focus when your listening to Justin Beiber or Adele’s new album, even if they may be amazing. Now, on to cracking down on your work; It’s best not to cram too much information in too short of a time. Sometimes, though, in a situation such as finals week you may have no choice but to do so. To make the most of this kind of situation I reccommend that you go through your notes for each class and try to gather the biggest points that you feel you will need for the class. After gathering the main points, try and make a study guide of your own for the class. Not only is re-writing or re-typing your notes a good form of studying, but it will also help you not feel as overwelmed if you were to have a huge packet of notes that you have no idea about. Also, if you are going to try and cram information remember to take breaks every once in a while. Your brain needs to rest, so make sure you take breaks here and there in between studying. Also remember to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. Coffee may be your best friend when cramming for exams, but try not to over do it. Try your absolute best to get as much sleep as possbile before an exam, too, and make sure you try and eat a healthy breakfast. They might not seem too important, but some sleep and food can really go a long way. 

When you find yourself too deep in stress and in homework, take a break. For example, go to the rec, go see some friends, or call your parents. Sometimes all you need is a break and a distraction. Finals week is going to be a hard week for most collegiettes here at UWL, but with a good mind set, some studying, and some water/coffee we can all make it through. Try to focus on the good things going on this week rather than the exams that are going on. An exam grade does not determine your worth and how successful you will be in life. So try and remember that this week, and try and make it a good week. YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck UWL Collegiettes!  

Sarah Mueller is a senior majoring in Organizational and Professional Communication and minoring in Professional Writing. She loves to write, run, and do yoga in her free time. Follow her on instagram: sarah_muelller
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