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HC Surivial Kit: Santa Came Early at UW-L

The Her Campus UW-Lax team was thrilled to receive Her Campus Survival Kit boxes full of goodies from Her Campus National a few weeks ago! I arrived home after a day full of classes to discover two large boxes waiting for me in the entry way. We decided to launch an Instagram photo contest to help bring some comic relief (and potentially treats) to students. All UW-L students had to do to win was post an image of them studying (or fed up with) finals using the hashtag “#FinalsHerCampusUWLax.” We would like to express our utmost gratitude towards Nationals and all of the wonderful sponsors who contributed to this year’s Survival Kit by sharing some pictures and elements that the kits contained.

What is one thing essential to keeping you energized and focused while studying up for finals? Snacks of course! The Her Campus Finals Survival Kit came well equipped with Kettle Brand snacks everyone is sure to enjoy! The Hey Neighbor tote bags included  pepper chips, maple bacon popcorn, and get to know your neighbor introduction cards. These bags also allowed us to group all of the treats and coupons into one central location that made it easy to distribute to our winners. One of our lucky winners, Anna commented, “Choosing a favorite item from the Her Campus Survival bag is hard. I would have to say it’s a strong tie between the maple bacon popcorn and the Luna bars. The popcorn was an awesome little extra treat for myself to enjoy with my boyfriend. But the Luna bars were so delicious! They helped to hold me over when I was trying to finish off my last paper!” (I would have to admit the Maple Bacon Kettle Brand popcorn was delicious, it’s a definite must try for everyone!)These fabulous Luna bars Anna raved about were the oh so seasonal and nutritious chocolate peppermint stick bars. They are made of dark chocolate with a kick of candy-cane peppermint and they’re packed with things to keep your body going strong through finals. They are high in calcium and folic acid, packed with protein, and have an abundance of antioxidants A, C, and E. 

Kettle Brand Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/KettleBrandChips

Luna Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/luna

Who doesn’t want a little shine or sparkle to shed some light on the dreaded studying that coincides with finals week? I know Baublebar graciously included an adorable meme alphabet bracelet and promo code for discounts in the HC Survival Kit. In addition, Chain and Charcoal included a $20 gift card, be sure to check out the wonderful products they have to offer on their sites linked below! 


Chain and Charcoal: http://www.chainandcharcoal.com/

Other items within the Survival Kits included: Chipotle BOGO cards, Chipotle Free Burrito Cards, TRESemme hairspray and haircare samples, a Pink Camelbak Bottle,  Cosabella underwear and coupons, and Aritzia Hello Opportunity Cards and giftcards! A huge heartfelt thank you to all of the sponsors who contributed to the Her Campus Survival Kits! We greatly appreciate your donations! A special thank you to Her Campus National for a fantastic Survival Kit to help keep us going strong through the end of the semester! 

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Stay tuned for your chance to win treats from more contests to come next semester from your Her Campus UW-Lax team! 

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