A Guide to Studying From a Girl Who Hates to Study

Midterm exams aren't far off, and that means it's time to hunker down and study. Studying was always a struggle for me. Throughout college, I've had to adapt and find ways to make studying more enjoyable. Here are some studying tips that work for me!


Turn Your Phone OFF

Scary, I know. I've tried moving my phone across the room, or flipping it over so I don't see notifications, but it's still a temptation and a big distraction. The easiest way to eliminate it? Just turn it off. It helps a ton.

Rewrite your Notes

Chances are, when you took notes in class, they were scrambled and boring. Rewriting your notes not only helps you to get them more organized, but also reminds you of the information you've learned. Make your own study guide from notes you've already taken, it's as simple as that!

Use Color

Nothing spices up a boring study guide like color. Many people find color coding helpful while studying, and lots of it might make it less horrible to have to memorize and review all day.

Take Breaks

It's important to give yourself a break when you've been studying for a while. It's easiest to set up a system. Maybe you get a break every hour, or after every chapter you review. However you decide to take your break, make sure you spend a few minutes away from studying. Turn your phone back on and check in with a friend, have a snack, do some dancing . . . whatever it is that will give your brain a break.

Listen to Music

Some people can't listen to music while they study and that's perfectly fine. If you're like me, you're always listening to music. While your favorite pump-up playlist is undeniably great, it might be a distraction while studying. Try listening to something mellow, whether it's slower-paced music, or instrumentals free of distracting lyrics. Streaming Services like Spotify have pre-made playlists that are great for studying, too! 

Use these tips, and whatever already works for you, to make studying a little more bearable. You'll be acing your midterms in no time!