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Finals Mood Boosters


With finals right around the corner, we are running on low. We are beginning to feel overwhelming stress, but, don’t worry, we are all going to ace our finals because what better way to take a break from studying then learning some tips on how to boost your mood?


Play with Puppies

Puppies solve everything and, thankfully, they will be on campus soon!

Down Some Coffee

We are going to need coffee in an IV shortly and trust me it will do wonders.

Break the Bank: Get a Massage

Treat yourself, girl. Body and Sol in Onalaska has massages that are totally worth your money. You’ll feel 100% ready to tackle anything life throws at you.


Yes stress eating is recommended, but maybe put down the junk food and pick something better up. Studies have shown certain foods actually boost your mood. 


Eat some fish, eggs, yogurt, and dark chocolate.

Shake That Booty

Whether you just want to have a dance party or hit the gym, just get moving! Throw on your favorite jam and feel instantly better. 

Just try to stay uplifted and keep studying hard. You’ll ace your finals and be on your way back home in no time.