Fall 2015 Her Campus Survival Kit Giveaway

The Her Campus Survival Kits this fall are all about taking care of yourself and others, getting and giving back. As the semester progresses we tend to get caught up in schoolwork and forget to take care of ourselves. The first few weeks of the semester are, meh, bearable. But once Oktoberfest ends our workload seems to increase, and our focus and motivation tend to run the other way. That is why you NEED a Her Campus Survival Kit. The kit has everything you need to stay on track and remind yourself to take some time for yourself and others (follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out how to win one!).

What does the Her Campus Survival Kit remind you to do?

1. Stay healthy.

Take care of yourself! Start your morning with a cup of Zero Calorie Stevia Sweetener. Elevate your study break with a BOGO Chipotle burrito (Don’t forget to eat!). Mousturize your lips (You should carry chap stick with you always; You’ll regret it when your lips are peeling!), and don’t sacrifice your workouts. Down a shot of 5-hour Energy if you need to, grab your headphones and take 30 minutes to take care of your body. Lastly, because getting a cold is never avoidable, stock up on some Cold-Eeze to help you get through the day feeling better and help you get your 8 hours of sleep each night!

2. When you look good, you feel good.

So, take the time to prepare yourself in the morning. When you put yourself together you’ll feel more productive and unconquerable.

But let’s face it; we both know that you don’t have time in the morning to do that. You don’t have to go all out. Take 5-10 minutes to apply some TRESemme Sea Foam or Sea Salt Spray to quickly create some waves. Then, spruce up your look by applying green, gold or silver NYC New York Color draw-on eye shadow.

Those who win a Survival Kit will ALSO get a chance to sport this MZ Wallace tote bag around campus, the perfect, fashionable alternative to a backpack.

3. Relaaaax.

Take time to do what makes you happy. You have 4 or more years of college in your lifetime. Are you going to sacrifice all of your hobbies and your you-time for that? I would hope not! Settle down at night with a book. If you need one to read, John Green said We are Liars by E. Lockhart was “thrilling, beautiful and blistering smart” and is “utterly unforgettable.” Otherwise, if you’re more of a Martha Stewart kind of gal, pick up a craft or start a painting to help you relax, if only for a little while.

4. Make a difference.

It’s important to take care of you, but it’s also just as important to give back to others. Do something to make a difference and help others in need of taking care of their selves. The Survival Kit gives you the tools necessary to do this for you as well as others. Join the No Ceilings: Full Participation Project, which addresses gender quality and the full participation of girls and women worldwide, or sign up to bake and sell tie-dye cupcakes to raise money in order to send girls to school in low-income countries, where they become the first in their families to graduate from high school.

So, what are you waiting for? Look us up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out how you can win all of these things in your very own Her Campus Survival Kit!