Christmas on a Budget


So Christmas is coming up and we all know as broke college kids that Christmas can break the bank. It can be so hard to purchase gifts for everyone that we love, everyone that deserves something special on this amazing holiday. This holiday, my family is adjusting and we are trying something new, as all of us want to save some money this holiday, without taking away any of the fun. As a broke college kid, I have learned some tips to make it through the holidays without shorting anyone on what they deserve.


Take advantage of the rewards cards

As annoying as people think they are, sign up for the free rewards/loyalty programs that stores offer. They get you the best deals of the holiday season, and build up points to spoil yourself after the holidays are over!


Always search online for coupons before shopping

Use online coupons sites to find the best deals. I can almost always find a coupon for whatever store I need when I go shopping!


Use Honey

You may have seen articles on this online tool from the Penny Hoarder or advertised on Facebook. I was curious one day and downloaded it, and it is AMAZING. Honey is a free online tool that scans each website for the best coupons to use if there are any available. It is so easy to download and then each time I click on my shopping cart on a website, it scans coupons and finds you the best deals. I once got 25 dollars off of a pair of shoes!


Buy gift wrap in bulk

Menards and other stores like it will sometimes carry larger rolls of wrapping paper for cheap. Menards you can buy larger rolls in bulk, and makes it an easy one stop for gift wrap!


Remember that it’s not about the quantity

Christmas is not about the quantity of gifts or the quantity of money spent. I have a problem of overthinking the gifts I give and always question whether it is enough. What I need to remember along with everyone else is that it truly is the thought that counts. No matter how cliché it sounds.


Make it a game

Utilize games like Secret Santa and other gift exchange games to limit the amount of gifts you will have to buy. These games also consider price limits which helps with spending limits as well.


Try new things

This year both of my sisters and I really want to save money and so we decided to make homemade gifts for each other. It’s bringing out our creativity, and it’s much more fun wondering what my sisters will be making for me instead of something that just comes with a gift receipt.


There are so many ways to save money this Christmas when labeled with the title of “broke college kid.” Using these tips can make the holidays a little easier but with no less holiday spirit!