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5 Way to Organize Your Time Better

With finals here, us students begin to feel the stress that comes with it. After Wednesday, we have become hermits in the library, our room, and some might be found downtown.

Well, here are 5 ways to get a hold of your time management so you aren’t as stressed this next week, and maybe you’ll find some free time to relieve some of that stress downtown, as well.

Get Organized

When developing time management techniques in college, it’s important that students first understand their goals and then set out to develop and follow a routine schedule. Without these factors it’s hard for students to understand the motivation behind their time management strategies. Weekly, monthly, and yearly planners will help avoid waiting until the last minute and having to cram.

Plan Out Your Studies

Many universities recommend that students take the time to plan each school day. Making a daily list of tasks to accomplish can help students to concentrate on tasks one at a time. It can also be helpful to schedule fixed blocks of time to study with clear start and stop times, as well as specified break periods.

Use Mental Exercises

Individuals should try to be mindful of when they’re falling into unproductive patterns and should identify specific triggers or distractions that lead to procrastination. Meditation and exercise might also help some people clear their heads and help them build confidence and focus when studying.

Seek Help

Students may look for advice from teachers, coaches, mentors or peers on better time management strategies. Individuals can also work with other classmates who are on top of their assignments and willing to provide reminders or encouragement as well as accountability.

Avoid Common Time Wasters

External distractions: Not much more needs to be said.

  • Television
  • Social media and Internet use
  • Phone conversations
  • Social events
  • Commuting
  • Extracurricular activities
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