5 Things to Remember During Oktoberfest

So it’s that time of year, where La Crosse college students only have festing on the brain. Oktoberfest is filled with celebrations, parades and a lot of alcohol. It is one of the most hectic times in the La Crosse community. Whether celebrating your German heritage or letting loose for the weekend, there are some things to remember at Oktoberfest.


Drive Safe & Cautiously


Driving around Oktoberfest is an annoyance itself but it also poses some risk. I know that families don’t want to cart their kids for blocks, or pay an arm and a leg for a parking pass in a lot, but sometimes it is safer to park farther away. Besides the parking, drivers need to be extra safe this weekend because just because you’re not driving drunk, doesn’t mean others are doing the same.


You Don’t Need Alcohol to Enjoy the Weekend


Stating my unpopular opinion, you don’t need to be consuming alcohol to be enjoying Oktoberfest. Sometimes it’s fun to set up the chairs and the blankets to enjoy the parade. Catch the candy, polka along and have fun with family and friends. Have a cookout, play some yards games and go down to the fest grounds to go on some rides and enjoy fair food.

Make Smart Decisions


The best thing I can say is to know your limit. If you do decide to consume alcohol, make plans on how to get home, and back up your plan with a friend. If you drink, don’t drive, La Crosse now has Uber so use it. Know your consumption limit to keep yourself safe.


Never Stray by Yourself


Make sure you never stray away from your group or the people you’re with. If you find yourself intoxicated and alone, find someone to help you get home, ask a friend, bartender, family member or anyone to help. Safety is in numbers, so count your group before you leave each place, and no person gets left behind!


There’s More to Oktoberfest Than This Weekend


Although local college students may see this weekend as the ultimate party, it is important to recognize that people dedicate their time year round to making this celebration possible. There are so many people that make Oktoberfest possible and this celebration means more than a weekend you can’t remember. Oktoberfest is good economically for La Crosse to bring people to our beautiful city. It is a time to appreciate the German heritage, and do good for our community.

However you choose to celebrate Oktoberfest, enjoy every second of it and take some moments to see everything that goes into making this week possible. Be safe, have fun and prost!