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20 Things We Forget to Thank Our Best Friend For

Your best friend has been there through the good, the bad and the ugly–-somehow, she just gets you. And, somehow, your appreciation for her gets lost amongs the moments of pain and laughter you share together.

Our best friend is often the one person we forget to thank. We say "thank you" for the little things, like the dinner they made or the movie they let us borrow, but we often forget to thank them for what's most important.

Here are 20 things that we never get around to thanking our best friends for…

1.  Thank you for telling me the truth.

2.  Thank you for knowing when something is wrong with me.

3.  Thank you for being there through the good and bad times.

4.  Thank you for going out of your way for me, even if it’s not convenient.

5.  Thank you for being patient and forgiving with me when I step on your toes.

6.  Thank you for listening to me talk about the same guy and same situation over and over again.

7.  Thank you for honestly telling me he is not worth my time, and I deserve better.  

8.  Thank you for forgiving me when I don’t listen to you.

9.   Thank you for always being down for a chill, carb-filled night.

10.  Thank you for being honest about what my hair looks like.

11.  Thank you for being skeptical about each and every guy that comes into my life.

12.  Thank you for making me a stronger and kinder person.

13.  Thank you for showing me the importance of forgiveness.

14.  Thank you for knowing I can’t always be strong and facing my problems with me.

15.  Thank you for helping me love myself more.

16.  Thank you for making a fool of yourself with me.

17.  Thank you for being the one person that can cheer me up at any point of the day.

18.  Thank you for breaking me out of my shell.

19.  Thank you for hating the same people I do.

20.  Thank you for being a blessing in disguise.

Thank you, best friend, for being you, making me a better person and supporting me when possible. You truly have bettered my life.

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