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Trick Everyone (and yourself) into Thinking you have your life Together

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVM chapter.

So I’m at the point in the semester where my life is kind of falling apart. Exams, papers and endless pages of reading overwhelm my days and nights. Although Spring Break is next week you’d have no idea by looking out the window. Seasonal depression is still kicking and it’s really hard not to nap as soon as I get home from class. I’ve come up with a little list of things I do to make the most of my days and trick myself into thinking my life is together.


Open your blinds

I know living in a dorm room can be tough but with natural light it seems much less like a prison cell. Plus, it’s easier to resist a procrastination nap with the sun shining in your face.


Make your bed

This one goes hand in hand with number one. It’s such a nice feeling to come back to your room and your bed is nice and neat. Usually, your bed is the main part of your room so when it is made, your room feels cleaner and is a better environment to work or chill.


Turn off your phone

Trust me, I know this one is hard and distractions are inevitable. However, waking up in the morning and not going straight to your phone is a much better start to your day. Make some coffee or look out the window at the gorgeous snow or people walking by and then check instagram.


Wear a cute outfit

I can’t be the only one who brought all of their clothes to college but ends up usually wearing a sweatshirt and leggings to class every day. Dress for success is a cliche for a reason. Getting dressed in the morning is a great way to feel more put together and puts you in a good mindset for the day.


Eat a real meal

To be honest….t’s very rare I eat more than one real meal a day. But eating real food, especially some that is good for you, makes you feel so much better. Try putting down the ramen for once and go to Brennan’s with your friends, and make your plate both colorful as well as enriched with proteins and vegetables.


Call someone from home

We all miss our parents and friends but texting and snapchatting isn’t the same as being with them. Call them and catch up! Feeling more connected to your people, especially by giving them that call, is the best way to feel like your life is together.


One more week ladies we can do this!!


Annie Stibora 




Edited by Dina John


Hi, I'm Annie! I'm a Senior Sociology major at UVM. I love writing about things on campus as well as beauty, fashion and living a sustainable lifestyle!
Hello! My name is Alex Rosenberger and I was the Campus Correspondent my senior year for the Her Campus Chapter at University of Vermont from January 2020- May 2020. At UVM I studied Public Communication and it's where I found my current passions which includes lifestyle writing, content creation, branding, and graphic design! Thanks for reading!