How to Make Finals a Little Less Stressful

As final season is in full swing, it’s hard for my incredibly fried brain to wrap itself around anything, let alone EVERY PIECE of information from the past 4 months for my exams! But it’s fine. I’m so fine.  However, if you’re anything like me and are always looking for ways to seem productive, but actually procrastinate, coffee shops are the place for you! I also think a huge part of me goes to coffee shops to simply have that overall aesthetic of “working” in a coffee shop while sipping some hot cocoa (gotta get those Insta stories). If you are sick of going to the library where you have to make rounds of every floor just to find a seat, here are some places to get your ultra college hipster mode on.

1. Pingala Café, Winooski, VT

If you don’t know the aesthetic of UVM or Vermont in general, go here and you will get the full Vermonter experience! Also, the café's name means "sun energy and life force!" Now that is a conducive environment to study in!


2) New Moon Café, Burlington, VT

New Moon took my café virginity last year and really kicked off this addiction. It's quite big, however, it gets very crowded on the weekends, so I suggest going at some odd times for prime seclusion. If you get hungry, don't fret, they have a full menu and some delish cupcakes.

3) Scout and Co., South Burlington, VT

While it closes crazy early (5pm), the environment is minimalist which helps minimize the distractions around you (except you can totally people watch out of the gigantic windows). Overall, it's a really nice quiet place to study, but best for earlier in the day or else you'll end up like me and stay awkwardly past their closing time as they close around you.

4) UVM Medical Library

While this isn't a coffee shop, the time it will take you to get there will make you feel like you went off campus. The medical library is my favorite place to study on campus because not only is it incredibly quiet, I secretly hope that all of the medical students' smartness will rub off on me.