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5 Essentials for Your Self Care Holiday Wish List

‘Tis the season! We all hope for a relaxing holiday away from classes and work, but let’s be real from 24/7 family time, a packed social schedule, to finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life- it can get a little stressful.

Take some time for yourself this season to decompress and unwind.


1. Massage and Spa Day

Exams are finally over but I’m willing to bet you walked away with a little too much stress and tension in your body. Take the time to treat yourself and book a spa day. If your pressed for time, bring the spa to you. Go out and find yourself a face mask and jade roller, turn on your favorite show and let your worries wash away. You’ll walk away ready to conquer the holiday season.

2. Yoga Mat

Kick start you holiday season with the perfect way to stay mindful and present. Finding time to get to the gym over breaks can be hard, especially when all you want to do is relax. Creating a yoga practice tailored to exactly what you need, is a great way to get in your daily exercise. Clear your mind and get yourself that perfect yoga mat you’ve been eyeing- it won’t be a waste of money.


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3. Skin Care 

The change in seasons can be rough on your skin and the left over stress from the semester doesn’t help. Take some time to know your skin and learn what it needs. Pile up on the serums and moisturizers to find your glow this winter.


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Charisse Kenion

4. Silk Pillow and Sleep Spray 

Give yourself the gift of beauty sleep. Sleep is important! So what you sleep on should never be overlooked. Set yourself up for a peaceful slumber with a silk pillowcase and a soothing mist of essential oils.

5. Candles 

classic that can never go wrong. As the seasons change go to your favorite home store and spend a little too long smelling every candle in the store until you find the perfect one. This is the easiest way to get yourself into the holiday mood!

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