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Winter Blues Got You Down? Five Ways to Spice Up Your Apartment Living

College living can be dull with the average dorm bedroom and white walls. However, there is no reason you cannot spice up your life with a few DIYs and décor! Make your living space feel like you. My apartment reflects my inner style, a vintage chic, but everyone is different. Find out below some décor inspiration to get rid of your winter blues.

1. The Entrance

As soon as you enter your apartment, set the mood. Whether that is warm lights or LED black lights, make it personal. HomeGoods and Target can be your best friend in finding unique artwork and decorations for your entryway.

2. The Dining Room

You could hang harsh florescent lights over your dining area wood table. Or you could hang white sheers curtains on the ceiling with warm lights surrounded by Belvederes while enjoying your crème brûlée. This serene dining area relaxes you as you enjoy your food. Create a space that is both functional and beautiful.

3. Don’t be afraid to DIY

Mason jars can be used for a variety of needs. In my case, it holds flowers next to my vanity. Don’t be afraid to use Pinterest to create custom décor with discarded wood, wreaths, or any variety of things, tailored to your needs.

4. Create a Bed Frame

The importance of a bed frame can sometimes be overlooked. Most furnished college apartments, like mine, only come with a mattress. Create a frame behind the bed to cozy it up. Don’t forget the multiple fuzzy blankets to hide underneath.

5. Show Off your Passions

Find a way to incorporate your passions into your apartment. The artwork below is one of my own that found its way onto my wall. Whether you’re athletic, artistic, or somewhere in-between, find a way to integrate that into your living space.

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