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Top 10 Must Take UVA Classes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

Some of the most memorable classes you will take in college are the ones that you take for fun. Students tend to not even consider going outside their major when looking for classes, but end up missing out on some of the best learning experiences that are provided to them. When picking classes, stepping outside of your major can be a refreshing change. If majoring in biology, try to take a cool English class. Or if you are a history major, enroll in a class on astronomy. If you have the chance to take classes just because they sound interesting to you, take advantage of it. At UVA, here are some options of the more interesting classes being offered for the fall 2014 semester:

  1. FRTR 2584 – Topics in French Cinema: This class does not require any knowledge of the French language, just interest in the French culture. Students will learn about criticisms, commentary, and history as it relates to French films. 
  2. SLAV 2360 – Dracula: One of the University’s most popular classes, Slav 2360 teaches students about the origins and Slavic folklore of vampires. It examines film, literature, and religious adaptations of vampirism and its role in Slavic culture.
  3. ENAM 3750 – Sex and Sentiment: This class looks at sentimental novels and the role that sex plays in the lives of 19th century individuals. Sexual morals and Christian virtues are examined and the limitations it caused for women. It will draw comparisons of what it means to be a modern woman to what it meant to be a 19th century women, with no sexual freedom. 
  4. AMST 2753 – Arts and Cultures of the Slave South: Covering the American South to the Civil War, this class focuses on the visual arts as it relates to slavery. It teaches about how paintings, architecture, food, and also music and literature have molded Southern identities.
  5. SLFK 2140 – Ritual and Demonology: Despite any particular interest in Slavic studies, this class is sure to spark interest in anyone who is interested in unique cultures. This class looks at how the history of Russia and Ukraine and their symbolism, rituals, holidays, and myths—like demon beliefs—have shaped their cultures. 
  6. WGS 4200 – Sex and Gender Go to the Movies: Looking at how mass media has shaped gender identity, WGS 4200 examines the impact of media on feminist theory and how we consider gender today. 
  7. LASE 1605 – History of Mr. Jefferson’s University: This class is for those who adore UVA a much as Thomas Jefferson. To truly appreciate UVA, you must know its history, which you will learn in this class.
  8. LASE 3600 – The Best of UVA:  A Collection of Unforgettable Lectures: Another class for the school-spirited who want to learn more of UVA’s past or those that just enjoy poignant lectures. 
  9. ANTH 2440 – Language and Cinema: This class will teach students about the transition from silent to sound films and the role of accent, dialect, and speech. It will take a look at how language in film has shaped gender, racial, ethnic, and national identities. And there is no requirement for film studies or linguistics knowledge
  10. ASL 1010 – Elementary American Sign Language I: One of the often forgotten languages offered, ASL is a lot more rigorous than it might seem, but a worthwhile experience. ASL will introduce students to the basics of American Sign Language and plan a lot of events for them to socialize with other ASL students and practice signing. 
Hi, I'm Allyson! I am a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus as well as a contributor for the University of Virginia chapter. I'm currently a 4th year at UVA and majoring in English.
Katrina Margolis graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in English and Film. She served as the senior editor of HC UVA for two and a half years. She is currently an assistant editor for The Tab. Wahoowa!