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There are only a few short weeks of school remaining this semester and you know what that means: finals season is right around the corner. The coming weeks are, without a doubt, the most stressful in the life of any college student and you need not look any further than the Super Lit Finals Survival Kit for great resources and tactics for mitigating your examination trepidation.


Listening to music isn’t the only thing earbuds are good for. They also make frustrating passersby who you knew in high school think twice about coming to talk to you and disturbing your ever-so-important schoolwork. Pop those bad boys in whenever you’re in a public place like a dining hall or library and stare intently at your computer and you’ll be spared many an awkward conversation in which you have to tell Josh from AP Bio that you “just can’t talk right now.”

Plan ahead

Sometimes it seems as though every aspect of life at UVA is competitive and perhaps nowhere is that more evident than in how difficult it can be to find a place to sit. To sit! Is that too much to ask for? Study spaces fill up at breakneck speed during finals, so plan ahead. Use your cunning UVA mind to outfox those pesky people who would dare to sit in YOUR spot in Alderman. Get to wherever you’re going EARLY so you don’t have to spend 30 minutes grumbling to yourself while you roam packed library stacks looking for a place to sit.

Food, especially Oreos

Eat your stress, people.

PLEASE, shower! 

It’s hard to thinky when you’re stinky, for both you and the people around you. I promise, no matter how much work you may have on your plate and how little time you may think you have to do it, the reasons you SHOULD take a shower rather than SHOULDN’T are manifold. Taking a shower can be a great way to clear a clouded mind and spare the scent receptors of the dude sitting next to you who is just trying to pass calculus. TLDR: Don’t be a stinky person.

Random dogs

I love dogs. And, frankly, you should too. Luckily, UVA has a great abundance of good boys and girls that can be found walking around Grounds with their owners at any point during the day. Give them pets (but make sure you ask first)! Remove thoughts of finals from your mind, if only for a moment, and give a dog some love. It’ll get you one step closer to making it through the day and might be just what you need to find that spark of creativity you’ve been missing. Alternatively, you can be like me and awkwardly smile and stare at said dogs while they and their weirded-out owners pass by.

HCUVA’s very own Shirley Chu has also compiled a list of study spots to get you through finals. Check it out here!

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